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The barbershop

Ragnar og Harðar's barber shop was founded on February 17, 1957 by master barber Hörður Þórarinsson and Trausti Thorberg, Trausti worked at the salon for the first 3 years, while Hörður worked until 2007 and had then been at the chair for 60 years. From the first day, the barbershop has been in the heart of the city center at Vesturgatu 48 in Reykjavík. In 1974, another generation followed when Ragnar, son of Harðar, followed in his father's footsteps and has worked ever since in the salon. The third member of the family started working in 2008, Gunnlaugur Hreiðar Hauksson, Ragnar's nephew and Harðar's grandfather, and still works today. Hrafnhildur Þórarinsdóttir, Harðar's grandfather and Ragnar's niece, works today at the salon. Ragnar og Harðar's barber shop specializes in hair cutting, beard trimming and shaving.

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